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Why go to the dentist

Most adult patients and children do not like to visit the dentist, either because they see dental treatments as exclusively esthetic and not as a fundamental part of general health, there is no pain or discomfort, because of phobias, bad experiences with Dental treatment. Visits are recommended every 6 months, in these reviews a comprehensive and complete check of the entire mouth, including not only the teeth, but also the gums, the jaw joint (TMJ), tongue, palate and floor of

What should know about wisdom teeth?

Have you heard of wisdom teeth? If they had to take them out or told you that it would be better to get them out, they certainly would. But surely you do not know why they are called that and neither, why your dentist thinks (or decided) that it is (or was) better to extract them. Here we tell you those details and more about the wisdom teeth. Teeth come out when we are still children. However, “wisdom teeth” are

The process for placement of the immediate dental implants

The way forward for the placement of one or more immediate dental implants should begin with a careful study of the health conditions of the patient. Remember that it is impossible to make immediate placement of dental implants if they have any infections, dental disease or related disorder such as bruxism. Once you are confident to have necessary to undergo immediate placement of dental implants to proceed to the extraction of the tooth you want to replace conditions. This step,

What is the price of a bridge over dental implants

A bridge is permanently placed in place and can only be removed by your dentist. It consists of one or more false teeth called “intermediate elements” (one crown for each missing tooth) in the center and one or more anchor crowns called “butt” teeth on each side. The intermediate elements (made of metal. Porcelain, gold, zirconium, alloys, etc.) fulfill the function of filling the void, while the teeth are attached to the natural teeth adjacent to the gap, holding the

What is the correct way to brush your teeth

Are you sure that your method of maintaining oral hygiene and preventing cavities is the most appropriate? If they are not, they are not the only ones. A recent study by University College London, in the British capital, reveals that there is no consistency with respect to recommendations made in dental brushing. Researchers John Wainwright and Aubrey Sheehan analyzed the suggestions made by 66 dental associations, brush making companies and books specialized in the subject around the world. They found

What is dry mouth syndrome

Dry mouth syndrome or xerostomia can be defined as dryness of the mouth caused by a partial or total decrease in salivary secretion. Saliva is essential to maintain a healthy oral state, so if its amount decreases can have direct effects when it comes to savoring food or talking. In any case, it is not a disease, but a symptom that has its own causes. Here are some of the symptoms of dry mouth syndrome: Dry mouth and bad breath

What is dental plaque

When you buy a product for oral hygiene, it usually says that it fights the “plaque”, something that is not very clear in the minds of many people. The dentist also tells you that you have to brush your teeth to fight dental plaque, but you still do not understand. Read on to finally understand what the mysterious plaque that affects the health of your teeth is about. The plaque is an invisible layer composed of bacteria that forms when

Visits to the dentist since children

It is well known that children (and not so much) hate to go with the dentist, and this is due to the fear of treatments that must be done because of poor oral hygiene, reserved only for cases of bleeding, pain or conditions already evident . During the first years of life the oral health professional should be visited three to four times a year, more if there are particular conditions, to avoid reaching advanced cases that require painful interventions.

Types of dental crowns

Let’s explain in simple terms what a dental crown is and the most common types of dental crowns that are placed today. What is a dental crown? The dental crown, also known as sleeve, is made with different materials used to replace part of a tooth visible if that is damaged part. Dental crowns can be placed on one natural tooth, while it maintains at least its root, or on a dental implant, should have completely lost tooth. In the

Foods that help us keep teeth white

Tooth whitening has become one of the most popular and performed in dental clinics worldwide procedures. Something that is not surprising, because having a white teeth makes us feel better about our smile and that increases our self-esteem and confidence in ourselves. In addition, it alters the way others communicate with us. For all this, more and more people want a whiter smile, and today we are doing a favor to all of them explaining what foods can help them

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