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How to cure gingivitis

In almost all cases, gingivitis, or infection of the gums, is caused by poor hygiene of the teeth and gums. Although it is possible to cure gingivitis at home, it is always best to consult a dentist for a professional diagnosis and to receive the most appropriate treatment. You can avoid gingivitis by brushing your teeth, using dental floss, gargle and irrigating your mouth. Treating Gingivitis with Advice Recommended by the Doctors Recognize the symptoms of gingivitis. Gingivitis can progress

Do you know the types of dental evaluations

According to the American Dental Association – ADA there are several types of oral evaluations that we can carry out in our practice: Periodic oral evaluation Evaluation that is performed on a registered patient to determine any change in their dental and general health status since the last complete or periodic evaluation. This may require the interpretation of information acquired through additional diagnostic procedures. Report additional diagnostic procedures separately. Limited Oral Evaluation – Focus on a Problem Evaluation limited to

Why should go to the dentist

People sometimes do not understand the reasons and the why of things. In the case of oral health, it is a reality that a great majority do not like going to the dentist. Here are some reasons why we should go to the dentist. Oral health should not only be maintained but maintained. Dental checkups prevent illness. Preventive diagnoses contribute to maintaining oral health. The aesthetic function that the teeth fulfill is fundamental for the human being. To evaluate the

Why is it important to go to the dentist regularly

Caring for our mouth is one of the most delicate health issues for many reasons. Taboos, fears and prices always stop us when to make an appointment at the dentist, but you have to overcome because you have to take care of that part of the body that we use so often and we expect to keep healthy as long as possible, so which it is key to go to reference sites. Why do not we go to the dentist?

Why is going to a dentist important

Although no one likes to go to the dentist is something that they must do to keep their whole body healthy. Poor dental health can be linked to a number of serious diseases such as heart disease, pancreatic cancer, and stroke that could be avoided with a simple routine checkup. You only have a number of teeth in life so it is very important to take care of them. We want to inform our patients about the importance of maintaining

Why go to the dentist

Most adult patients and children do not like to visit the dentist, either because they see dental treatments as exclusively esthetic and not as a fundamental part of general health, there is no pain or discomfort, because of phobias, bad experiences with Dental treatment. Visits are recommended every 6 months, in these reviews a comprehensive and complete check of the entire mouth, including not only the teeth, but also the gums, the jaw joint (TMJ), tongue, palate and floor of

What should know about wisdom teeth?

Have you heard of wisdom teeth? If they had to take them out or told you that it would be better to get them out, they certainly would. But surely you do not know why they are called that and neither, why your dentist thinks (or decided) that it is (or was) better to extract them. Here we tell you those details and more about the wisdom teeth. Teeth come out when we are still children. However, “wisdom teeth” are

The process for placement of the immediate dental implants

The way forward for the placement of one or more immediate dental implants should begin with a careful study of the health conditions of the patient. Remember that it is impossible to make immediate placement of dental implants if they have any infections, dental disease or related disorder such as bruxism. Once you are confident to have necessary to undergo immediate placement of dental implants to proceed to the extraction of the tooth you want to replace conditions. This step,

What is the price of a bridge over dental implants

A bridge is permanently placed in place and can only be removed by your dentist. It consists of one or more false teeth called “intermediate elements” (one crown for each missing tooth) in the center and one or more anchor crowns called “butt” teeth on each side. The intermediate elements (made of metal. Porcelain, gold, zirconium, alloys, etc.) fulfill the function of filling the void, while the teeth are attached to the natural teeth adjacent to the gap, holding the

What is the correct way to brush your teeth

Are you sure that your method of maintaining oral hygiene and preventing cavities is the most appropriate? If they are not, they are not the only ones. A recent study by University College London, in the British capital, reveals that there is no consistency with respect to recommendations made in dental brushing. Researchers John Wainwright and Aubrey Sheehan analyzed the suggestions made by 66 dental associations, brush making companies and books specialized in the subject around the world. They found

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