Dental Prosthetics

A dental prosthesis is an artificial piece standing as a replacement for a portion of our teeth that have been damaged or that have suffered loss. It is very common to lose teeth due to bites, diseases, etc..

The goal of a dental prosthesis is not only aesthetic. It’s back to normal life of a person rebuilding a damaged part and as a result, cannot function properly. The mouth serves several important functions among which eating (chewing food) and communicate (speak). If the teeth do not fit properly, we will have problems in performing these functions.

With a dental prosthesis few weeks can give back to your normal life.

A dental prosthesis can be created from different materials, among which the resins, metal, porcelain, glass or carbon fiber. Depending on the material from which it is made will be priced or another and a different resistance. The results can be both aesthetic and functional level.

Place dentures is not as simple as it seems. The jaw moves thanks to a broad muscular system and articulations. The teeth are inserted inside the gums but also have the subject bone. It is for this reason that solve a problem of lack of parts in the wedding is not that simple. Each of the elements relates to others. A simple twisted tooth can damage the joint and cause severe pain not only in the mouth but in the ear and surrounding areas such as the neck.

To place a dental prosthesis is necessary to study each case thoroughly. Understand how the mouth of the person works and how it worked before suffering the problem. To restore the health of the mouth as a very complicated healing process is necessary.

There are two types of dentures to restore teeth: the fixed dentures and removable dentures

Fixed denture, also known as dental bridge, consisting of two covers joined to one tooth that is maintained on the gingiva. The covers are artificial teeth that are placed over the natural tooth that has previously been carved. Thus, the lost or damaged teeth are replaced. The teeth are in good condition serve to support those who are not.

In the case of complete denture prosthesis, is more complicated, because you have to adapt to the tissues of the mouth.

Dental Prosthetics: Prices

The dentures prices vary depending on the number of parts to be replaced. Also depend on the material they are made ​​but mainly depends on the specialist that place. So how much does a dental prosthesis? For sure you know the exact price, you need to consult with a specialist, however, here are some approximate market prices.

  • Removable Prosthesis (1-4 pieces): 140 $
  • Removable Prosthesis (5-6 pieces): 190 $
  • Removable Prosthesis (7-9 pieces): 210 $
  • Removable Prosthetics (10 pieces or more): 220 $
  • Fixed Prosthodontics: 250 $

Dental Prosthesis Hygiene

Keep your dentures in perfect health does not need much effort, you only need to follow some rules. You need to clean the prosthesis after lunch with a dental brush and intensely. You should not use bleach or abrasives will deteriorate the material. Effervescent tablets sold in supermarkets are specially created for the prosthesis so that can be used for cleaning without fear.