Duration of treatment of dental implants

Today we will talk about the duration of treatment of dental implants. The purpose is to have a clear idea of ​​the process of placing a dental implant and duration.

The duration of treatment of dental implants, as almost always, is highly variable depending on each patient’s case. The doctor will make sure several previous sessions to determine the procedure and the type of implants you need, as well as subsequent visits will also be necessary to check whether the treatment has proved successful.

In better cases, the treatment itself is so fast it can last a few hours. This is known as “immediate implants”, “immediate loading implants” or “implants one day.”

However, in persons exhibiting oral health deficiencies or much lack of bone, for example, the treatment may range between 3 and 18 months.

This is because sometimes the person may have years of losing your teeth and lost too much bone in the edentulous area, then you have to make additional bone regeneration procedures that are of longer duration.

Another factor that makes the duration of the placement of dental implants is a little longer than usual is the number of parts to be replaced.

Keep in mind that not all dental clinics offer immediate implant treatment, but only the treatment of “traditional” implants so that the choice of dentist is also a factor affecting the duration of treatment.

Normally the duration of a dental implant treatment of a traditional way, without any additional problem, is three months for the jaw (mandible) and six months for the upper jaw.

The duration of the procedure depends on the dental implant specialist depending on each particular case. The purpose of all physicians ensure that there is sufficient bone in both quantity and quality for successful dental procedure.

The dental implant is a small metal screw, usually made of titanium that is inserted into the bone of the edentulous area, the aim is that the bone of the edentulous area, through certain techniques, grow and wrap the screw titanium, and is based as if a single tooth in question.

Once melted bone on the piece of metal, the bond between them is so strong that hardly anything can separate. This process of fusion between the titanium screw and bone, is called osseointegration ú Osteo-integration.

As you will observe, each case of each person will be different from each other, so define a specific duration for dental implant treatment is difficult, this will have to see the opinion of your doctor regarding your case.

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