Extraction of teeth

Generally, it is not necessary to extract teeth, since the eruption of permanent teeth produces a root resorption of temporary or primary teeth, which causes spontaneous exfoliation.

It is unfortunate that this child a serious dental process and that relief can only be obtained with tooth extraction. It is important psychologically prepare the child before this treatment with the dentist.

The extraction of teeth usually no complications because we have the facilities give us the root resorption and bone elasticity Young

Indications for extraction of teeth

To determine when and how should be done a temporary tooth extraction , consider various factors, including: occlusion, development of the jaws, tooth size, number of roots, root resorption status of affected teeth , degree of development of the definitive successor tooth and adjacent teeth, presence or absence of infection, besides its own concerning the patient. After these studies may be indicated even pull out of the normal time of its peel. In this case you must place a space maintainer in order not to lose this space extraction.

Indications for the extraction of the deciduous or milk teeth are basically the same as for permanentteeth, however we can highlight the following:

  • If the teeth are destroyed to such an extent that it is impossible to restore. If the destruction reached the fork or if it cannot establish a hard and secure gingival margin.
  • If infection has occurred in the periapical or interradicular area and cannot be removed by other means.
  • In the case of acute dentoalveolar abscess with presence of cellulite.
  • If baby teeth are interfering normal eruption of permanent replacement. The presence of the permanent dentition will be confirmed radiologically. The persistence of temporary teeth beyond the normal time of tooth eruption of permanent, makes it fills vicious positions in the maxilla; equally persistent roots of teeth causes permanent deviations, malocclusion and dental caries.
  • If teeth included.
  • Teeth in relation to or adjacent to a benign cyst or tumor process.

Contraindications of extracting teeth

Do not remove a temporary tooth before the time of replacement or normal roll.

Contraindications for the extraction of teeth, with the exception of the above considerations are basically the same as that of adults. Many of these contraindications are relative and can be overcome by special precautions and adequate premedication. These are:

  • Acute infectious stomatitis, herpetic stomatitis and similar lesions should be treated before considering any extraction.
  • Blood dyscrasias returned to the patient prone to infection and postoperative bleeding.
  • Acute or chronic rheumatic heart disease and kidney disease.
  • Acute periodontitis, dentoalveolar abscess and cellulitis should first be treated with surgical treatment.
  • Acute systemic infections.
  • Malignant tumors.
  • Diabetes poses a relative contraindication. It is advisable to consult an endocrinologist to make sure the child is under medical control.