How do I know if my child’s teeth are coming out

The most advisable thing is that you put in the hands of the pediatric dentistry the monitoring of each step that your son gives, in terms of his oral health. Remember that your baby’s teeth begin to develop in the uterus. While you were pregnant, the basis of what your baby teeth will be generated. Although they are still inside the gums.

The first teeth that should come out to your baby are the two front teeth in the lower jaw. Then the two above and then to the sides and back. Before that, pediatric dentistry can help you with the development and appearance of them. Of course, there are symptoms that happen to the baby with which you may realize that your teeth are beginning to appear.

One of the most frequent symptoms is inflammation of the gums, followed by pain and redness in the gums. It also adds a constant drooling, greater than normal, general discontent, loss of appetite or sleep and of course the desire to bite anything. In some cases babies may have fever or diarrhea due to teething.

To lower any of these symptoms, give your child something to bite and if it is cold much better. There are hoops that get into the refrigerator or cloth cloths wet with cold water. You can massage her with your clean hands over her gums, remember to do it gently.