Types of dental crowns

Let’s explain in simple terms what a dental crown is and the most common types of dental crowns that are placed today.

What is a dental crown?

The dental crown, also known as sleeve, is made with different materials used to replace part of a tooth visible if that is damaged part.

Dental crowns can be placed on one natural tooth, while it maintains at least its root, or on a dental implant, should have completely lost tooth. In the latter case, to place the dental crown is necessary to allow sufficient time after the process called Osseo integration for the implant to be able to receive the dental crown.

The dental crown is used to retrieve the utility of the tooth and to improve aesthetics. Its placement is simple, usually in a couple of sessions, first preparing the tooth and making a mold, then fix the dental crown with glue.

Types of dental crowns

The dental crowns are manufactured with different materials, attending to aesthetic and strength criteria. These are the main types:

Dental crowns

They have the advantage that they are well suited to the teeth and they last a long time, resisting wear well, but their appearance is not very aesthetic. To make a dental crown metallic elements such as chromium, nickel, gold or palladium are used.

Considering that they do not meet the most demanding aesthetic requirements, their placement is mainly performed to replace teeth that are less visible and that perform most of the chewing work.

Ceramic dental crowns without metal

This type of dental crown is a good aesthetic solution adapted very well to the color of teeth. In general it is less resistant, but they are getting progress in this regard to provide a longer duration. These dental crowns are recommended in case there is an allergic reaction to metals because they are more compatible with the body, or teeth that are not used much to chew and are more in sight.

Metal and porcelain dental crowns

Through a combination of metal and porcelain, these crowns try to combine the strength of metal with the aesthetics of porcelain , which makes them suitable to replace any tooth, no matter how much work you have to do or visibility. This type of dental crown has against it that it is less resistant than the metallic dental crown and that, with the passage of time, the metal can be in sight.

The metal is on the inside, out of sight, and the porcelain is placed on it. To place these dental crowns do not have to carve and greatly reduce the natural tooth.

When you want to get a look more natural in dental crowns, it used the zirconium that sacrificing a little resistance, get a better result aesthetic and fits very well to the natural tooth.

Temporary dental crowns

They are manufactured with materials acrylic and are used while being manufactured or the final dental crown is being carried out some repair work on this.

Research into new materials for making dental crowns allows continuous improvement, so if you need a new dental crown is advisable to consult with your dentist for the latest news.