What is the correct way to brush your teeth

Are you sure that your method of maintaining oral hygiene and preventing cavities is the most appropriate? If they are not, they are not the only ones.

A recent study by University College London, in the British capital, reveals that there is no consistency with respect to recommendations made in dental brushing.

Researchers John Wainwright and Aubrey Sheehan analyzed the suggestions made by 66 dental associations, brush making companies and books specialized in the subject around the world.

They found that dentists advise the use of six different techniques, but do not express their preference for any, which creates confusion.

What to do?

There are those who consider that they should use circular movements, which is the technique that is usually taught to children when they are learning to brush.

The toothbrush should not stand with his fist.

Some think that this style can be combined with horizontal movements. Others suggest performing a sort of sweep from the gum.

There is also disagreement as to how long the brush should stay in the mouth. In total, 26 of the recommendations analyzed consider that two minutes is adequate. Twelve lean for three minutes. As for frequency, most consider that twice a day is enough.

For the specialists who participated in the research, it is very worrisome that there is no agreement on the subject.

“There does not seem to be consensus among dental professionals about the best way to brush teeth for the majority of the population. Nor is there a distinction between what people should do depending on their age or considering that they may suffer from some condition Particular, “says the study.

The recommendation is…

For Aubrey Sheehan, who besides being one of the coordinators of the study is Professor of Public Health Dental, a fundamental aspect is the way in which the toothbrush is held.

“If you grab it with your fist, as is often seen in many photographs, it creates abrasion and sensitivity, so it is very important to avoid it,” he told the BBC.

According to Sheehan, this is the ideal technique for brushing teeth:

  • Hold the brush just like you would grab a pen, without applying pressure.
  • Use the horizontal technique, also known as the rubbing method, which consists of smooth strokes going from left to right.
  • To wash the back of the teeth, you must make vertical movements that go from bottom to top. The handle of the brush has to aim at the ceiling.