How to do the brushing my son’s teeth

These are guidelines to follow in which we relate the age of the child with the role of parents in their dental hygiene throughout their growth:

Up to 6 years old children do not have enough manual dexterity to do it alone. Parents have to brush their teeth and at the same time teach and train the children to acquire manual dexterity.

From 6 to 10 years old children should brush their teeth alone and parents should supervise brushing and correct and insist every night to learn good hygiene techniques.

By age 10, children should have already learned brushing techniques and will only have to supervise them from time to time.

However, parental control should not cease until the children are fully responsible and have acquired correct oral hygiene habits.

In addition, parents should continue to take the children to the periodic check-ups of the children’s dentist to ensure that the oral health of the children is correct.