Why go to the dentist

Most adult patients and children do not like to visit the dentist, either because they see dental treatments as exclusively esthetic and not as a fundamental part of general health, there is no pain or discomfort, because of phobias, bad experiences with Dental treatment.

Visits are recommended every 6 months, in these reviews a comprehensive and complete check of the entire mouth, including not only the teeth, but also the gums, the jaw joint (TMJ), tongue, palate and floor of the Mouth (Under the tongue) to observe the state of the whole mouth and prevent diseases such as cavities, gum problems, dental and / or skeletal problems in children and young people, oral cancer that in its beginnings causes no pain or discomfort.

In prevention is the key, performing short, less painful, less complicated, less costly and in most cases comfortable for the patient.

  • Cleanings, to remove accumulations of food and bacteria that with a normal brushing is no longer possible to eliminate such as dental calculus and stains produced by food or drinks.
  • X-ray examinations, which identify cavities that are hidden between tooth and tooth, which at first sight cannot be detected and which, because they are small, do not produce pain, as a treatment is performed to prevent progression to the nerve.
  • Referral to specialists, if necessary orthodontic treatment, the dentist can detect alterations in growth time, dental inclinations, lack of space or in the case of surgical procedures such as implants, removal of wisdom teeth, referral to surgeon.

As advice do not wait until the pain becomes unbearable, to go to the dentist, because this involves making treatment less conservative, more uncomfortable and usually too late to keep the mouth in good condition.