The process for placement of the immediate dental implants

The way forward for the placement of one or more immediate dental implants should begin with a careful study of the health conditions of the patient. Remember that it is impossible to make immediate placement of dental implants if they have any infections, dental disease or related disorder such as bruxism.

Once you are confident to have necessary to undergo immediate placement of dental implants to proceed to the extraction of the tooth you want to replace conditions. This step, which leaves the root cavity free, is followed by placement of the base of the dental implants of immediate loading that are required, so it is not necessary to perform two surgical procedures for this.

Once placed the base of immediate dental implants placed upon them a temporary crown to let the gum recovers its normal shape and should be replaced by the final after a few months.

Therefore, with immediate dental implants the patient leaves the same day of surgery with a perfectly useful tooth and unquestioned aesthetic quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of immediate dental implants.

The disadvantages of this procedure are minimal unless you suffer from bruxism, oral infections or other problems. However, these conditions must be diagnosed prior to the placement of the immediate dental implants.