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Home remedies for gingivitis

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and is a reversible disease. It is not usually painful, but if it is not treated in time it can lead to more serious conditions. Gingivitis may appear at puberty, due to hormonal changes and may recur if there is no proper hygiene. Inflamed gums are also a sign that our diet is not entirely adequate, avoid foods such as sugars, milk and its derivatives and bread, these will overload your intestine with toxins

How do I know if my child’s teeth are coming out

The most advisable thing is that you put in the hands of the pediatric dentistry the monitoring of each step that your son gives, in terms of his oral health. Remember that your baby’s teeth begin to develop in the uterus. While you were pregnant, the basis of what your baby teeth will be generated. Although they are still inside the gums. The first teeth that should come out to your baby are the two front teeth in the lower

How does chlorine from the pool affect teeth

Although throughout the year the pools have a large influx of people who come to practice swimming, summer is the time when it has the highest peak. And is that a swim in the pool is one of the most used measures to cope with the high temperatures of the summer. However, chlorine affects the enamel of teeth and oral health. “Not everyone knows, but the pools are treated with a high chlorine component that helps maintain the pH of

How does whitening work

Dental dyschromias can be classified in two ways: extrinsic or intrinsic. The intrinsic dyschromias are those spots that occur inside the tooth or those that affect the internal structure of dental tissues, these spots will be removed with Opalescence products but only in consultation treatments performed by the Dentist. The extrinsic dyschromia’s are the stains that appear on the surface of the teeth and occur between the micro-cracks of the enamel and the depth of the dentin (the layer of

How to do the brushing my son’s teeth

These are guidelines to follow in which we relate the age of the child with the role of parents in their dental hygiene throughout their growth: Up to 6 years old children do not have enough manual dexterity to do it alone. Parents have to brush their teeth and at the same time teach and train the children to acquire manual dexterity. From 6 to 10 years old children should brush their teeth alone and parents should supervise brushing and

How stress affects the health of your mouth

Stress can cause complications in the mouth, from decay and bruxism to the appearance of cold sores in those moments of increased stress. If you want to know more about it, here we tell you why being more calm and relaxed allows you to maintain a good quality of life in general, your mouth included. It is already known that back pain or neck pain can be caused by stress, as well as burning in the stomach or those terrible

How teeth whitening works

Teeth whitening can be done in two ways: first, by removing stains from the outer layer of the teeth and the surface of the enamel in second, preventing the formation of new spots. It is achieved by removing and bleaching the spots, and protecting against them. How teeth whitening works More information on how teeth whitening works. How the removal of stains works Stains from the outer layer of the teeth are removed by both chemical and physical procedures, with

Gingivitis can increase the time a woman takes to get pregnant

Periodontal disease is a chronic and infectious disease caused by normal bacteria that exist in the mouth and, if not controlled, are able to inflame the gums around the tooth and the tissues that act as support. It begins by pushing the teeth and creating spaces (periodontal pockets) that end up becoming infected. The inflammation generates a cascade of tissue destruction that can pass into the circulation. Periodontal disease has been associated with cardiac pathology, type 2 diabetes, respiratory and

How to avoid the spread of caries

A specialist in pediatric dentistry stressed that dental caries is the most common chronic childhood illness, which is usually transmitted from the mother or caregiver to the child. Sharing utensils such as spoons or glasses and kissing children in the mouth transmits the microorganisms that are the main cause of tooth decay; in this way, it is better to separate babies’ accessories from the beginning. In addition to its topical problems in the mouth, such as bad breath, difficulty chewing

How to choose the toothbrush that best fits your mouth

Everything you need to know to have a strong and healthy mouth. The brush and the dental pasta. THE BRUSH Hard? Soft? Small, large, manual, electric? The range of possibilities is wide but the correct option does not exist. In the end, one has to choose the brush that best suits their mouth and their lifestyle. If you do practically all your meals away from home, it will not do you any good to have a mega-modern electric brush with

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