Why should go to the dentist

People sometimes do not understand the reasons and the why of things. In the case of oral health, it is a reality that a great majority do not like going to the dentist. Here are some reasons why we should go to the dentist.

  • Oral health should not only be maintained but maintained.
  • Dental checkups prevent illness.
  • Preventive diagnoses contribute to maintaining oral health.
  • The aesthetic function that the teeth fulfill is fundamental for the human being.
  • To evaluate the existence of caries, periodontal diseases, etc.
  • The condition of the old restorations needs to be reviewed to replace them when necessary.
  • Control eruption of dental pieces and replacement of temporary parts.
  • Check the health status of the oral tissues to prevent diseases such as oral cancer.
  • Treating on time is better than doing it when it is more difficult or unrecoverable.
  • Short treatments are better tolerated than long treatments
  • Prevention is better than cure is a very valid phrase.
  • Pain is a warning mechanism when dental problems are overcoming the body’s resistance.
  • In order to maintain oral health, guidance is needed and it is best to receive it from a professional.
  • Learning about the right way to maintain oral health requires guidance and supervision.
  • The cost of preventive treatments are cheaper than dressings.
  • The seals have a shelf life and must be replaced.